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have meals 吃饭 have breakfast/lunch/supper 吃早饭/午饭/晚饭

have dinner吃饭

There was chiken and fish. We talked and laughed happily, we sang the birthday song. And after dinner, so my mom cooked a delicious dinner for me. Then we ate the birthday cake.I was so happy.Mom dad and I ate the dinner together, it was dilicious tooYesterday was my birthday

have a meal [mil] 吃饭的意思,中文字读音为:嗨屋额密熬 希望能帮助到你!望采纳!谢谢!

eat breakfast 吃早餐 eat lunch吃午餐 eat dinner吃晚餐

有不少种说法:如to have (or eat) a meal; to dine; to grab a bite (这个比较口语化)等等.

吃饭dininghave a meal吃早饭have breakfast吃午饭have lunch吃晚饭have dinner 堂哥 cousin

eat a meal意特 饿 米油 吃早饭have breakfast海无 布瑞克佛斯特 吃午饭have lunch海无 兰吃 吃晚饭have dinner海无 颠呢 吃晚饭have supper海无 撒颇 你跟着汉字读外国人会听不懂的,最好请个翻译或者学音标

在餐厅吃饭Eat in a restaurant在餐厅吃饭Eat in a restaurant

have dinner

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