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I think the best way of learning English is speaking as much as possible.here is some advice for you.First, We should try to listen to the teacher carefully . After class we should go over the lessons. And do our homework on time carefully.If we have

english is important for us in the modern world. so, how can we study it well?first, i think we should listen to the teacher carefully in class, it is also important to read english every day. then, watch more english movies , it can improve your listening and

How To Learn English WellEnglish is important in the modern world. It is spoken all over the world. But a few students don't learn English well. So they want to drop English.


【解决方法】 1、词汇基础:词汇是句子的基础,文章是由句子组成,要有一定的词汇量才能够有写作的基础,所以一定要注意词汇的积累,不光要认识还要知道含义更需要很好的拼写,这样在写作的时候才能够运用自如. 2、语法结构:英语

1 背单词 2 背书 3 日常使用英语 4 观看英语电影无字幕 再看看别人怎么说的.

How to learn English well?(怎样学好英语) English is one of the most important langnages in the world.(英语是世界上最重要的语言之一) It's necessary to learn it well .(学好它是很有必要的)How do you study?(怎样来学呢?)

学英语:英语就是用时间堆出来的.不能期望一下子有很大的提高. 充分利用每天的点滴时间,多记单词,紧紧抓住每一与英语好的人的互动机会.多看(否则你无阅读能力),多念(否则是哑吧英语),多听(否则你是聋子英语),多写(否则你无法翻译). 另外,有英语互动网站,你找一下,对你会有帮助的. 记住:学英语和我们从小学说话一样,平时的努力会有巨大收获的.

English is more important now. But it is difficult for many students to study it. Now I make some suggestion, maybe can help you. First, you should take notes and take them here and there. When you're free, you can take them out and read it. Next,

How to learn English?Ji does not attach importance to words. Building high-rise buildings need to brick, block brick building into a high-rise buildings Zuozuo; while the word like a brick. Can say that if there is not enough vocabulary, you want to learn

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