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通过这件事 Through this matter 双语例句1 他实在希望通过这件事以他大方的态度使巴特勒缓和一些.He hoped really to placate Butler in part by generous attitude throughout this procedure. 2 最重要的是,通过这件事,妈妈教会了我如何去思考

i am most willing to do this.你可以查查 be most willing to 有“情愿”的意思

通过我的努力:through my effort 通过这件事: through this case/issue/matter等等有很多词可以表示~ 希望能帮助您~

通过这件事提高了我们对生命的认识、It has helped me to be more aware of the value of life.orIt has improved my understanding of life.orIt has made me greatly improved in knowing more about life.orI have got more of life after experiencing it.祝你开心如意!

通过我的努力:through my effort通过这件事: through this case/issue/matter等等有很多词可以表示~希望能帮助您~

你好!Through this thing makes me mature a lot如有疑问,请追问.

Through this made me realize that housework is not easy, it make me more growth, I will continue to help parents doing housework. "

I've learned many things through the things

I learn from it that i have some shortcomings.From now on,i will talk with classmates often in order to let them know more about me.I want them to know i'm a man of kindness and courage.

Raal Friend Many people have friends, but few of people have real friend I have a real friend in my primary school .She's my best friend and I think she is a good friend One day,my legs

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