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BE loCAtED in造句

be located in 坐落于或处于某一较大的范围或地点之内 be located on 强调坐落于.的上面,或者后接某一具体的时间日期.for example,be located on the north american continent 就是强调坐落于北美大陆的上面.

1.The company is located in Hong Kong.2.We can only visit the patients during this period.3.The soldiers have to face death in this war.4.This warring is cruel and meaningless.5.Her state is reliable.6.The laws protect us.7.The school forced him to

1.The gym is located near our residential block.健身馆位于我们小区附近.2.He kept her photos in memory of those lovely days.他留着她的照片,当做对那些美丽日子的纪念.3.Chris Lee's devoted fans are distinguishable from her disingenuous

be located on,都是坐落于…的意思,可是要注意后面介词接的东西范围…

at 在地方 在附近 at XXX roadin 在之内 in Shanghai, in Beijingon 在上面或者+具体某一天

A be located in/at /on in:A在B范围之内 on是A与B接壤 at也是A在B范围之内,不过一般指很小的地区

就我看,你给的例句都是错的,be located in 意为“坐落于”,只有当其作主句的谓语成分时,才必须用be动词.不然,就是作定语,这是可将定语的主谓(即引导词和be动词)一起省略,也可保留. Nanjing located in.is well known for us. Our company is located in Chengjiang industrial Zone


Smoking is harmful to health.I was in charge of grading all the problem sets that were assigned as homework.my house was located in Shanghai

be located最常见的用法就是“坐落在”,比如the city is located in east china.其实,这只是locate的一种用法而已.由此可知,locate这个词首先有“把放在某个地方;设置”的意思,比如 they decided to locate the project in

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