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teach词汇分析音标:英 [tit] 美 [tit] 一、释义1、teach的基本意思是以训练或授课的方式“传授知识或技能”.2、teach既可用作及物动词,也可用作不及物动词.用作及物动词时,可接名词、代词、动名词或从句作宾语,也可接双宾语


如果不是你问的话,我还觉得这是个病句呢.Over the next four years 很明显,时间状 as well as or more competently than she did.是问题所在.也是难点所在.其中,in which

competent [5kCmpitEnt] adj.有能力的, 胜任的 competent com.pe.tent AHD:[km“p-t…nt] D.J.[6kKmp!t*nt] K.K.[6k$mp!t*nt] adj.(形容词) Properly or sufficiently qualified; capable:胜任的:合适或足以胜任的;有能力的:a competent


Sources of Information Information has become more and more important in modern society. There are various sources for getting information. Firstly, the tradditional method,such as books , magazins and other written materials. All of these are

we are(in ,with,under,on) control of everything.选择in,in control of 为固定短语,译作: 能指挥的,能控制的.全句译作:我们能控制住局势. 1、in control=able to direct a situation, person, or activity (对形势、人或活动)能指挥的,能

不是啊 GUNTHER可是很重要的配角呢他应该是第一季第三集“The One with the Thumb"中就出现了幕后故事: 本来GUNTHER仅仅是个群众演员 结果演出后很受观众欢迎结果变成了一个常驻角色(Recurring characters)Gunther (James

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