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His disability caused this thing to fail. 他的无能导致了这件事失败. She swims well despite her disabilities. 尽管身体残疾, 她却是个游泳好手. His ambition knows no limits. 他的野心是无止尽的. The big house on the hill is my ambition. 山上

disabilities n. 残疾; 伤残; 无能力( disability的名词复数 ); 无力; [例句]People with disabilities have got a vote as well, you know.你知道,残疾人士也拥有投票权.[其他] 原型: disability

Show me you are not diability.再看看别人怎么说的.


Bird flu can also cause sudden death.禽流感还会导致突然死亡.Strokes can cause death or disability.中风能够造成死亡和残疾.What triggers cell death in the brain?触发脑细胞死亡的原因是什么?My answer is: death.我的答案是:死亡.The life processes continue until death.生命的进程持续到死.I shall but love thee better after death.在死后我爱你将只会更加深情.

disability : (名词) 无能; 无力; 残疾; 残障


The boy disappeared round the corner.男孩在拐弯处消失了.The sun disappeared behind a cloud.太阳在云层后面消失了.The ships seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth.那些轮船似乎已经从地球表面消失了.My keys have disappeared off the desk in my office.我放在办公桌上的钥匙不见了.

disability [英][dsblti][美][dsblti] n.无力,无能; 残疾; [法]无能力,无资格; 复数:disabilities 同义词: paralysis ailment weakness 反义词: ability

1.our classroom is very clean我们的教室很干净 2.i clean clothes by myself我自己洗衣服 3.the air is very clear空气很清新 4.my father is a clerk in a bank我爸爸是银行职员 5.the girl is very clever这女孩很聪明 6.we climbed a mountain yesterday我们

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