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Nowadays more and more people are concerned about their health. But how to keep healthy? Different people may give different answers to this question. In my opinion, it is essential to do the following. First, it is absolutely necessary to take some

keeping fit is an important thing of our life. a fit person who has good health is definitely more efficient in carrying his task either as a student in a school, a worker in an office or even a housewife at home. there are different ways to keep fit. it is

With the high speed development of the society, at present,the middle school students were crimped by more and more stress.They kept hard-studying only and ignored taking part in sports and other activities which make them stay in the Sub-health

keeping fit是保持健康,算是一个词组,heath是名词健康的意思但我想你说的应该是两个都作主语的时候吧,其实没什么区别

And fit keeping in addition to the health of the body, but also make us more beautiful

过了一会儿,草地又回荡着这悠扬的笛声,牧童完全沉浸在欢快的音乐中.月儿也在为他高兴,向大地撒下千丝万缕皎洁的月光. 《舟过安仁》 有一次,宋朝诗人杨万里坐着小船路过安仁县时,透过船舱的窗口,看见两边的河岸上覆盖青青的

My ways of keeping fit is to excersize regularly, eat a balanced meal and have the required entertainment. I do evening jogging three times a week. Each jogging will last me thirty minutes. Every meal, I have plenty of vegetables and some meat. I

Health is the guarantee of one's happiness. Without a healthy body, one cannot do what he wants to, not to mention accomplishing his goals in life. One can keep fit in three ways. First, he is to pay attention to hygiene. Stay away from viruses,

Nowadays,more and more peaple are keeping fit.In my opinian,there are both advantage and disadvantage.With the development of our living standard,we are doing many things to get better life,and keeping fit is just one of them.Besides,we keep

transportation in the future nowadays the transportation is becoming heavier and heavier,especially in cities.we are facing the problems of the shortage of energy and the room for cars.but what will the transpation be like in the future?well,to my mind,

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