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The way to cook rice Every day, I go home by bus. But my parents go home very late. So I have to cook rice every day. I will teach you how I cook the rice. First, wash your hands. Next, put some rice into the bowl. Then use water to wash the rice for 5

I was reading a blog post a while back about the writer's first cooking experience as a child. The first thing she ever made was madeleines those French seashell shaped cake things. Apparently they turned out beautifully and she loved baking

1,Bring the water to a boil in the cooking pot.2.Add the salt if desired.3.Add the noodles and turn the heat to low or off. 4. Let the noodles soak for the required number of minutes,about 5 minutes.then you can eate it.

【Let's Do Exercise Together】 It's very important for us to do exercise. Doing exercise can not only help us keep fit, but also help to train a person's character. What's more, doing exercise helps us to study better. We can do exercise

Health is very important to us teenagers. Either study or work is basedon strong body. Doing sports every day helps us keep healthy and energetic. Ifwe don't take any

It's quite easy to cook fried rice. All we need is some rice which has already been cooked, some oil and some salt. You can put the pot on the stove and turn on the heat. Add the oil and let it heat first. When the oil is hot, we can put some of the

Many families in China usually prepare enough jiaozi to last several days during the Spring Festival time. To make jiaozi, first of all, you should chop the meat into tiny pieces and mash them, then add salt, sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger, scallions,

有问题追问,祝好! 【来自英语牛人团】 【Let's Do Exercise Together】 It's very important for us to do exercise.Doing exercise can not only help us keep fit,but also help to train a person's

How To Cook Noodles Do you like to eat noodles?Do you know how to cook them?Well,That is easy.Now let me teach you. First,put a deep large pot on the cooker carefully.

让我们为妈妈表达爱生病时,是谁在无怨无悔地照料着我?伤心时,是谁在温柔地安 let mom will pick up home after work, I also want to learn to cook, mother to belong to

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