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puma lifestyle彪马的生活方式例句:1.It is looking for acquisitions to bolster its fledgling lifestyle business, which includespuma sportswear and volcom, the sports and surfwear group. 巴黎春天还在寻求收购机会以增强自身新成立不久的生活方式业务部门,该部门包含运动服饰品牌彪马(puma)以及运动及滑雪设备品牌volcom.

Healthy lifestyle Nowadays,with more and more people caring about their health,It's very important to have a healthy lifestyle.How to keep a healthy lifestyle?There are some

It's very important that to have a healthy lifestyle.Becauae if we have a good lifestyle,we will be full of energy.But how we can have a healthy lifestyle?Well,many students always study hard until 11:00 pm every night,and they can't get enought sleep,

My lifestyleI'm a middle school student.And I have a good lifestyle.I exercise every day.And l sometimes play basketball with my friends.Because I think No sports,no life.My eating habits are pretty good.I eat vetetables and fruit every day,but I don't like

A Healthy Lifestyle If we want to live a happy and healthy life,we need to keep a healthy lifestyle. Frist of all,we need enough sleep .Every day we should sleep for at least eight

It is generally believed that health is above wealth because without a healthy body, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clean. Our general health depends on our daily routine and lifestyle. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle is important.Two


I am sure everyone likes to talk about his or her lifestyle. Especially these things you like to do after school or on weekends. Some of my friends like going to movies and some like talking to friends on the Internet. These friends have a very sociable

My healthy lifestyle I think I'm very healthy.Because I have a healthy lifestyle.I often exercise.It helps me keep in good healthy.I eat fruit every day.I love vegetables and eat them three times a week.And I usually drink milk.I sometimes drink coffee.I eat

A Healthy Lifestyle A healthy lifestyle needs a lot of details that needs our attention . Frist of all,we need to sleep to guarantee .Every day should also be kept more than eight hours of sleep time .Of course ,too much sleep also it is bad for health .The

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