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!”I said when Father and Mother were still giving me more fish ad meat. My bowl was piled up like a little hill. “Don't study too late into the night. Do be careful of your health. Have you had any examinations recently?”Father asked me in great

at school, we have many subjects, such as chinese, math, english, music and computers, i most like the subject is computer, because computer class can learn a lot of knowledge. computer teacher is also very good, he finish the class, and the time

还是帮你写吧 My favourite subject is PE because you can do a lot of exercise in PE lessons. It is fun and also helps our body growing. I don't like math because there are too much calculating, it takes time and you can easily make mistakes. Chinese

My lunch 我通常在学校吃午饭,因为学校的午饭好吃. I usually have lunch at school, because the school lunch delicious. 我们学校餐厅是非常大的. Our school dining room is very big. 食品有相当不错的. The food is very good. 我通常吃米饭

My future I want to be an engineer 10 years later.I'd like to build tall and beatiful buildings for the city. Our city is becoming more and more beatiful now, and we are all living a modern life.But I still want to build more taller buildings, and make my

My deskmate My deskmate is a girl with two beautiful eyes.She is out-going and friendly.She always helps me with my Maths and walks me home after school.She is also very thoughtful.Every time I get upset,she will just tell me a little secret about

my spare time i alway do anything useful in my spare time.i usually spend 20 percent of my time playing badminton and billiards.i spend 30 percent of my time playing computer games like cf and qq flying car.and i spend fifteen percent of my time

英语作文:My Lunch.I have my lunch in the school canteen. Usually we have so called four plates and one bowl, i.e., using four plates to have four different foods in which one must be fried with meat, and a bowl to take some soup. We don't have

Tian Ge is my pen pal. He is 16 years old. He has a happy family.His father is a policeman.His mother is a doctor and she works in a hospital.He is studying the No.1 middle school of Qingdao,now.He is a good student.He studies Chinese,math,

My Spare Time I'm always busy doing all kinds of things.From Monday to Friday ,I have to study at school.So I have my spare time only on weekends.I like playing computer games at home.In the afternoon,I usually play with my friends.Sometimes I

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